Ivonne's Top Picks

Let me save you the guesswork and share with you some of my all-time favorite secret weapons that I guarantee will fast-track your pleasure, purpose, and profit.

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Favourite  Products

Curious to know some of my all-time favourite products? Look no further, I’m sharing all the deets below.


Beginner Yoni Egg

TYPE: Nephrite Jade Egg - GIA Certified. 

I recommend this as a Level 1 Yoni Egg. Nephrite Jade is the traditionally used gemstone for yoni egg practice.  Start here if you've never purchased an egg before.  There are so many benefits to this practice. 

If you're completely new to the practice there are different sizes. Check out their online guide.


The Cervix Serpent

The Cervix Serpent™ is designed intentionally for internal de-armouring, vaginal self-massage and releasing pelvic tension. It’s long enough to reach the cervix and it has a bulbous end for stimulating the g-zone.


Level 2: Yoni Egg

TYPE: Rose Quartz Egg - GIA Certified

I recommend this as a Level 2 Yoni Egg because, for me, it is energetically more intense than Jade. Using the Rose Quartz Yoni Egg is a beautiful way to reconnect to your Yoni and to your sense of self-love. Rose Quartz holds the energy vibration of unconditional love, and coupled up with a yoni egg practice, this combination can create a more loving, intimate connection with yourself and your sexuality. 



Somatic Consent.jpg
Self Development

The Foundations of Somatic Consent

Deepen your experience of intimacy, connection, and embodiment through feeling self-awareness and relational attunement. Move your relationship from survival to trust as you explore self-love and connection. Explore being fully present in the body and practice your unique expression in your own space and in connection to your peers.



Here are my all-time favourite books that have helped me level up my life, mind and sensuality.