I help modern-day women & couples reclaim the passion, intimacy, and freedom they crave by fuzing ancient wisdom + science into practical solutions




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I believe all relationships are built from the one we have with ourselves

Do you want relationships that are meaningful, authentic, and passionate - perhaps you dream of a partner that can fully see, hear and hold you?

How about having the self-confidence and self-love that has you feeling radiant and alive - and completely change the way you feel about your body and your sexuality?

And do you want to bring this new found confidence into the world to enjoy the relationships and life that you deserve?

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I'm Ivonne.

International globetrotter, entrepreneur, creative soul, absolute nerd, and mindful thinker. 

I help women make more of life by doing less. 

From a young age, I learned to survive. I learned what success meant and who I needed to be to have it.  I chased status because the number of people and the amount of money I made determined my worth. I swung like a pendulum, constantly chasing the 'thing' that was missing, fixing the part of me that was 'broken & ugly' or wanting to give it all up to live on a paradisical island.  I would pay the price to be anything but me ... AND I TRIED.


I was told to lead like a 'man' because being me was not 'leader' material. I was making money, I had the lifestyle and the 'stuff' but I felt trapped. I was so deeply unfulfilled that I was scared to even feel it.  I was scared to connect with my pleasure and joy. It was guilt-ridden.  Porn taught me everything I knew and that left me feeling like something was wrong with me.  Despite being an attractive woman, I felt ugly. I constantly compared myself to the 'standard'. I was a victim to my own life. I carried baggage from the past, my parents, and society. At 25 years old, everything appeared to be fine but I was struggling in silence.


It's taken me years to discover that today's mainstream feminist movement is backward.  We're playing a game with a strategy that doesn't allow us to blossom and how we feel is a bi-product of everything we've learned.​

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1:1 Coaching Sessions

I've done my best to provide different tools and information in my digital shop but if you have something specific you'd like us to work through, this is for you.

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90-day Radiate
Confidence Program

This is for the woman ready to say yes to herself, ready to invest in her power, pleasure, and mind, and ready to go deep.  It's time your voice, your body, your expression take up all the space you want.


You may not recognize yourself after the program.

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The Ultimate Relationship Program

A self-paced beginners program for couples that want to heal negative relationship patterns & find love and passion again.


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