I was a little diva 

I'm so glad you're here. 

From a young age, I learned to survive. I learned what success meant and whom I needed to be to have it.  I chased status because the number of people and the amount of money I made determined my worth. I swung like a pendulum, constantly chasing the 'thing' that was missing, fixing the part of me that was 'broken & ugly' or wanting to give it all up to live on a paradisical island.  


I was told to lead like a 'man' because being me was not 'leader' material. In life and relationships, I went along with what others felt was good for me - 'oh, you should feel lucky' - or worse, wait until someone chose me. I COULD NOT SEE I HAD CHOICE. I was so deeply unfulfilled that I was scared to even feel it.  I was scared to connect with my pleasure and joy. I was full of guilt.  Porn taught me everything I knew and that left me feeling like something was wrong with me.  Despite being an attractive woman, I felt ugly. I constantly compared myself to the 'standard'. I was a victim of my own life. I carried baggage from the past, my parents, and society. At 25 years old, everything appeared to be fine but I was struggling in silence as society told me you should feel grateful. 


It's taken me years to discover that today's mainstream feminist movement is backward. We're playing a game with a strategy that doesn't allow us to blossom and how you feel is a bi-product of everything you've learned.​  You can change that.

You are the creator of your life.

Who Do I Work With?

I work with women who understand the value of a deep relationship with themselves as the basis for fulfillment and lifelong success. ​


I help women create the foundation they need to become leaders and believe in their dreams and ambitions.  

Profile: Professionals, new service-based entrepreneurs, content creators.

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My work focuses on:

•  Neuroscience & Spirituality - Taking new learnings about the brain and blending it with old teachings for easier integration

•  Self Healing - You can heal yourself and integrate all parts of ourselves


•  Emotional Mastery - how to navigate, learn and use our emotions

•  Pleasure, touch, and movement as pathways for personal development

•  Radical Responsibility & Honesty - the belief that even if you don't know it yet, you are fully responsible for your reality 

•  Modern coaching techniques (NLP, systems, practices, etc.) to guide & support your experience

•  The Somatic - taking mental ideas and information into the body through repetition and physicality

•  Using diverse tools like breathwork, dance, movement, trauma release, meditation, yoga, and visualizations

•  The Polyvagal Theory - working WITH your nervous system to allowing for a gentle and safe release

•  Using all parts of your brain: the meaning-making, the noticing, the emotions, etc.

•  The subconscious - responsible for 95% of your reality and able to resolve deeper issues and blocks

• Exploring choice as the ultimate tool in life

• Tantra, neo-tantra and modern sexology

and so much more.

In case you're wondering - There is no nudity nor exchange of sexual energy

Work with me

my message for you

You are the only one on this planet with your unique mix of skills, wisdom, and life experience. You’re craving clarity and growth and the decisive strength to create work that matters.

You want to feel a true sense of belonging and you want to live and build a business that aligns with your values.

And, you don’t have to do it alone.

All limits are self-imposed

more about me

In my 20's, I worked as a project manager and organized some epic events for blue-chip companies like Google, Yamaha, and Home Depot.  Yet something always felt 'off'.  My life and relationships felt superficial so, I quit my job at 26 to travel the world.


On my journey, I decided to take my analytical mind into the world of personal development, mindset and relationships. It helps me work with people who are stuck in their minds, want BIG results, but can't trust the magic of life. I work with the body, heart, and mind to guide people back into their greatness.  It's only by feeling fully alive inside your own skin that the world opens up to you.  This means creating success on YOUR TERMS.

Growing up, I was always the 'weird' kid that studied people, life, and relationships. Perhaps it comes from growing up in a very dysfunctional yet loving family.  I always wanted to understand why I felt like relationships drained me instead of fueled me. I wondered if I could be authentically me and be successful.  I wanted ease in setting boundaries for myself. I played small to 'protect' the people around me so, I never gave my dreams an opportunity to exist. 

As I dove deeper into my personal growth, I realize today all the toxic and negative relating patterns I've transformed.  Changing this alone has made my life richer and easier because, I can delegate, I can trust, I can connect, I can walk away. It's incredible to feel this free, alive, and authentic - full of choice! 

When I met my now-husband, it was a chance encounter in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.  I never thought that I would find love so deep with someone whom I could travel the world, make tons of money, and live wherever we pleased. We literally designed our life and the more we did that the more abundance we received. 


And despite this, I am always consciously allowing myself to choose to be in this relationship and business. I listen deeply to what I need and put that above everything. Loving myself this deeply gives me real choice. and the societal rules & expectations that imprison my potential dissipate.  I became the decision-maker of my life and naturally started to lead others. 


Constantly outsourcing approval and validation of our dreams and desires to others is a life full of regret. 

So, by blending together the past 10 years, I now create experiences that allow people to go deep, feel held and have fun. My intention is to guide and inspire you to become the decision-maker of your life. 


I don't believe in pre-packaged solutions that solve all our problems.  This is why the more you live it, feel it and express it, the more you become it.